First part of what should be a continuing series of shorts to appear in the Anthology "Sex, Spies and Rock 'n' Roll which came out earlier in 2022.  I believe a second one is due out in 2023.
Written by Jeff Messer.
A Thousand Suns.
Quirky Sci-Fi story set within Victorian England.  Appeared In Atomic mid 2022.
Written by Kevin Gunstone.
King Krackle & The Hypersonic, Subatomic, Super Sci-Fi Symphony.
Short story setting the stage for a future story for Shift.  Published in the 2022 Shift Yearbook.  Ink and Digital Colour.
Robin of Sherwood.
Four part story that is part of a recent Annual based around the TV series from the 1980's.
Perfect 10.
60's style Action/Adventure Spy story.
Aces Weekly Sampler.
Below are the first three Chapters of the stories that have appeared in Aces Weekly.  Most are Three pages.  Some are Four or Five.
Bitter Frost.
Chilly Fairy Tale...
Nothing Maybe Something.
A little meditation on life...
Future set Sci-Fi.  A team of scientists examine a Black Hole in the deepest parts of the Universe...  Ink and Digital Colour.
Sometimes, you just got to keep rowing...
After the avalanche.
The Valkyries.
1960's style action/adventure strip.  Ink and Watercolour.
The Life and Times of Otis P. Mattingly.
Slightly weird Sci-Fi story.  Originally intended this to be another story in the style of a Fairytale, but it evolved along the way.  Ink and Watercolour.
Young Reaper.
Contemporary story about the embodiment of Death and his first year at School.  Ink and Watercolour.
Fantasy story taking inspiration from a Conan/Red Sonja type of world. 
Brush and Ink.
Contemporary fantasy story set within the Tower of London.  100% Digital,
Originally conceived as a series of European style Sci-Fi Graphic Albums.  The story had to be restructured due to the format of Aces Weekly.

It was reprinted in issues 1-10 of Shift Magazine, and a collected version, with  new pages I didn't have space for previously will be available soon.
The Ballad of Cuthbert and Kaye.
Short fantasy story told in the style of a Fairytale.
Historical strip, telling the story of Louis Bleriot and is attempt to be the first to cross the English Channel in an Aeroplane.
Misc Submissions.
A few submissions in slightly different styles than the published stories.
Penny Dreadful.
Liked the show and the comic.  Would like to do a horror, so tried a few "Mood" pages.
Judge Anderson.
A favourite character.  Drawn last year.
Judge Dredd.
Another 2000AD sample.  Drawn just after the Judge Anderson sample.
Thank you!
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