Came to me while listening to "Space Odyssey" (Don't know why....) 
Another inspired by a song.  This time "Sometimes it Snows in April"
Another Sunrise
Drawn not too long after Chloe.
The Stacks of Callimachus
Originally published in Black & White in FutureQuake 14.                 Adapted from an original script by Peter Kempton.  
Your Plastic Girlfriend.
Originally written as a short film, then adapted as a comic to see if it would work.  Originally it had a contemporary setting.  But to be included in FutureQuake it needed to be more Sci-Fi and shorter.  Although I thought it worked, I'd prefer it to be longer and set in whatever year it's written.  
Will redo soon...
Chuck Armstrong and the Universal Crusaders.
Something of a cross between a Gerry Anderson show and an 80's cartoon.  I've recently rewritten some other stories planned, so I think that this will pop up again soon.
Melody Baker.
Originally written about the same time as Kora, but due to the story increasingly getting out of control, I kept rewriting it.  Did this "Prologue" as a way of testing a new drawing process.  Never really intended to be published, but ended up in Issue 1 of Meanwhile a few years ago.
Another story that I want to return to soon.
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